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The vegan ecosystem is experiencing a huge increase in the number of products available on the market. Because we are customers ourselves, we of course have our favourites! So, each month we will share with you our best and most recent discoveries!

Category - Pet Food


is a Spanish (Barcelona based) brand specializing in food for dogs and cats, 100% vegetable and 100% natural.

VeggieAnimals' products all the ingredients are suitable for human consumption and therefore are free of drugs, toxins, hormones, addictive substances and chemical flavorings which makes them healthy foods and a preventive of numerous diseases.

Their recipes are formulated, studied by an experienced veterinary team and are developed to be healthy, complete and balanced food for all breeds, sizes, ages of cats and dogs.

The products are advisable for animals with weight, health issues and allergies, as well for sterilized ones.

Webpage: VeggieAnimals

Category - Ice Cream

Shanti Gelato

Truly dedicated to the artisan ice cream production, 100% handmade, natural, free of preservatives or additives.

Shanti Gelato have a wide range of flavors where they mix fruits, vegetables, cereals, seeds and vegan foods (such as Hummus).

They also cook pastry, such as brownies, muffins, cookies, cakes, vegan breads and some suitable for coeliacs.

“We are interested in that we can all enjoy what we like and work for it.”

Located in the neighborhood of El Born, Barcelona (Spain), they have two stores: c / Carders 18 and c / Canvis Vells 2.


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